Festival Information


    • concert performance only
    • minimum of 2 selections, maximum of 3
    • provide numbered, original scores
    • though not required, most groups choose music from their state-approved lists
    • formal OR informal dress
    • Groups may enter for ‘no rating’ or for divisional ratings.


    • Cancellation before March 15–lose commitment fee only
    • Cancellation after March 15 & prior to the day 2 weeks before the event–50% refund of festival fees.
    • Cancellation within 2 weeks of event–no refund
    • Catastrophic/act of God Circumstances:  After non-refundable expenses have been paid there will be a partial refund of the ‘festival’ fees.


         Awards at High School sites:

    • Great High School Auditoriums
    • Trophies for all groups
    • One Grand Champion Award from each category: Middle School/Jr High Band, Middle School/Jr. High Orchestra, High School Band, High School Orchestra.
    • Audio CD
    • Highly acclaimed adjudicators

Late Arrival at Site:

      • warm-up time will not be extended past originally scheduled time.
      • if arriving too late for warm-up but still having stage time, go directly to the stage and perform without warmup; but not past original scheduled end time.
      • OR, warm-up and perform at the end of the day

Equipment Provided:

    • Chairs and Stands, Podium, Tuner, Metronome
    • 4 timpani, bass drum, gong, chimes, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone (no extension cord), bells, acoustic piano
    • Bring your own sticks, beaters, mallets, ALL cymbals, snare drums and anything else not listed above.
    • Ovation Festivals does not allow the use of risers.